True Brands

True Brands/True Fabrications is a beverage accessories wholesaler based in Seattle, WA. In my role as the company's first copywriter, I created both B2B and B2C content for their ten distinct brands. (Yes! Ten.) Content included B2B and B2C emails, blog content, site content, social media posts, and print catalogs.

My work for True Brands represents my capacity not only for developing a brand's distinct voice, but for quickly switching gears between one voice and another. In my work for this company, I often wrote for each of the ten brands in the same day.

Social Media

My social media work for True Brands involved creating the text of social posts for seven of their ten brands. I would frequently switch between writing for zany TrueZoo, #adulting expert Pinky Up, elegant Viski, and rough-and-tumble Foster & Rye in the same hour.

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FireShot Capture 205 - Viski (_viskistyl
FireShot Capture 204 - Foster & Rye ⚒ (_

I also leveraged social copy to build a brand's voice and educate customers (both the businesses True Brands supplies and the end consumer). In the case of Collins, True Brands acquired an 80+ year old company and reformulated its recipes to include natural ingredients. Based on focus group feedback, I assisted in directing Collins' voice into a knowledgeable, approachable slice of Americana that didn't take itself too seriously. Rather than approaching "natural" food as elite or Whole Foodsy, I focused on natural as simple, no frills, and delicious.


Blog Copy (B2B + B2C)

To enhance their relationship with retailers, True Brands positions themselves as subject matter experts on wine, liquor, and beer accessories. The blog posts I created for True Brands were deeply researched to provide valuable information to an already-knowledgeable customer base.

FireShot Capture 224 - Meet The New Coll

Print Materials (B2B)

My copywriting role involved writing biannual brand catalogs for 10 brands, plus yearly catalogs for the entire inventory. It was important not only to convey essential product and deal information, but to give retailers receiving the catalogs a sense of what the brand was and who its audience might be. To that end, I used the catalogs as a platform to enhance the voice of each brand, making them cohesive and dynamic to retailers.

I also planned content for a new type of "channel specific" catalog that would speak directly to the needs of certain retailers (wine and spirits, gift, winery and brewery).

Below, you'll find copy I created for the Cakewalk, HOST, Foster & Rye, and TrueZoo catalogs.